Transmission and Storage

Owned by EQM Midstream Partners, LP (EQM), as of December 31, 2018, the transmission and storage system included an approximately 950-mile FERC-regulated interstate pipeline that connects to seven interstate pipelines and local distribution companies. The transmission and storage system is supported by 18 associated natural gas storage reservoirs with approximately 645 MMcf per day of peak withdrawal capacity, 43 Bcf of working gas capacity, and 41 compressor units, with total throughput capacity of approximately 4.4 Bcf per day and compression of approximately 120,000 horsepower at year-end 2018. Transmission also includes EQM’s investment in the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).

In 2019, EQM expects to invest approximately $60 million in other transmission expansion projects, primarily attributable to the Equitrans, L.P. Expansion project, which is designed to provide north-to-south capacity on the mainline Equitrans, L.P. system for deliveries to the MVP, and power plant projects. The Equitrans, L.P. Expansion project has a targeted in-service date of the fourth quarter of 2019.