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We have a steadfast commitment to                   More importantly, every safety-related
              providing our employees with the necessary          incident provides an opportunity to learn and
              tools and information to work safely and            improve, regardless of whether an injury was
              empowering them to stop work if situations          involved. As part of our standard process, we
              warrant – and as individuals, we are each held      conduct a thorough incident investigation
              accountable for following procedures and            to clarify possible causes, identify options
              demonstrating safety leadership. During             to prevent recurrences, and highlight
              2018, ETRN employees logged more than               opportunities to improve education, training,
              7,500 hours of safety education and training.       processes, and procedures. When an injury
                                                                  does occur, ETRN records the nature of the
              Our Safety Performance                              event as prescribed by the OSHA Injury/Illness
                                                                  Recordkeeping Guidelines.
              ETRN closely monitors health and safety
              performance, challenges, and statistics to
                                                                  During 2018, the most frequently recorded
              ensure safe worksites; effective, ongoing
                                                                  injury and incident types involved employees
              safety training for our employees; and
                                                                  working outdoors; and the most commonly
              continuous identification of opportunities
                                                                  observed incidents included insect bites,
              to improve. As an example, our Field Safety
                                                                  slips/trips/falls, and “struck -by” accidents, such
              Technician program enables employees
                                                                  as using hand tools. In 2019, we are shifting
              to take greater ownership of their own
                                                                  our focus from traditional safety metrics to a
              personal safety as well as demonstrate safety
                                                                  more advanced “look-forward” approach that
              leadership to co-workers. The program
                                                                  includes identifying incidents with serious
              also enables employees to identify and
                                                                  potential for injuries, or as we call them, ISPs.
              prevent situations that could cause harm to
                                                                  By utilizing this approach, we hope to prevent
              themselves or those around them.
                                                                  injuries before there is an actual occurrence.

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