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Safety In The Workplace

              At Equitrans Midstream, we have a safety            Our active business operations are conducted
              platform that we call ZIP Today – which             in accordance with the applicable health
              stands for Zero Is Possible – Today. This           and safety requirements established by
              simple acronym represents our strong belief         the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health
              that injuries are preventable. ZIP – Today          Administration (OSHA) and other regulatory
              serves as a recognizable, visible reminder to       bodies. However, compliance is just the
              continue developing a strong safety culture         beginning. As we continue striving to
              and reminds our employees that their                improve, we work to integrate proper safety
              commitment to safety is paramount –                 and health practices into all of our operations
              above all else – and that execution is not          and our employees play a critical role in
              successful unless Zero Is Possible!                 making sure that their co-workers return
                                                                  home safely each day. Further, every worker –
                                                                  regardless of title or work responsibilities – has
                                                                  the full authority and responsibility to stop any
                                                                  unsafe work activity.

                                                                  Safety Education & Training
                                                                  Education, risk mitigation, and performance
                                                                  monitoring form the core of ETRN’s
                                                                  workplace safety initiatives. Every employee
                                                                  receives core safety training annually, along
                                                                  with more frequent specialized training
                                                                  tailored to the work performed and the types
                                                                  of issues faced. For example, monthly safety
              An ongoing, safety-first focus is needed as         meetings held with field employees cover
              part of our social license to operate. We need      issues such as:
              to demonstrate our commitment to doing
                                                                  •  Natural gas safety
              the right thing in everything we do, and
              everywhere we operate. We do this because it        •  Stop work authority/responsibility
              is the right thing to do – and also because we      •  Incident investigation
              believe that success in safety helps promote
                                                                  •  Safe driving
              success in our business endeavors. We also
              work to impress this set of beliefs upon our        •  Hazard recognition
              vendors, contractors, and suppliers – as these      •  Safe job procedures
              various companies and their thousands of
                                                                  •  Industry specific technical safety training
              employees are an extension of ETRN and EQM
              and they must also maintain a stringent focus
              on safety and believe that Zero Is Possible.

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