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Our Corporate Sustainability Framework

              At Equitrans Midstream, our Core Values are         to support our emission reduction program,
              the foundation for our corporate sustainability     optimizing conservation of natural resources,
              framework. The five pillars of this framework       and enhancing procedures or guidelines to
              are aimed at delivering long-term, sustainable      improve our performance.
              value to our shareholders, business partners,
              communities, and our employees.                     Corporate Governance: Together with our
                                                                  Boards of Directors, we are committed to
                                                                  transparent corporate governance principles
                                                                  that will strengthen the confidence and
                                                                  trust of our many stakeholders. The Boards
                                                                  of Directors of Equitrans Midstream and
                                                                  EQGP Services, LLC, the general partner of
                                                                  EQM Midstream Partners, are the highest
                                                                  governance bodies of ETRN and EQM
                                                                  Midstream Partners, respectively, and are
                                                                  responsible for overseeing the management
                                                                  of our business and affairs.

                                                                  Economic Impact: We contribute to the
                                                                  U.S. and local economies by providing access
                                                                  to cleaner, affordable domestic energy,
                                                                  supporting economic development in local
              Safety Leadership: We believe that a                communities, creating job opportunities, and
              commitment to safety is paramount –                 generating tax revenue at the state and local
              above all else – and that execution is not          level. As we better understand our economic
              successful unless Zero Is Possible. The safety      impact, we will engage with our communities
              and well-being of our employees, contractors,       to develop solutions that support them
              and the people who live in our communities          and seek new opportunities to contribute
              is our highest priority. We all have a shared       to the economy.
              responsibility to create a workplace
              where Zero Is Possible – and we must all            Stakeholder Engagement: We believe
              demonstrate safety leadership to achieve            in maintaining an open, transparent, and
              successful results.                                 honest dialogue with our diverse audience
                                                                  of stakeholders. As we have learned
              Environmental Stewardship: We strive                through the years, stakeholders provide a
              to meet or exceed both expectations and             valuable perspective into our business and
              regulatory requirements. Through continuous         our operations; and through this active
              improvement initiatives, we incorporate             engagement, we are better able to identify
              sustainable practices into our day-to-day           process gaps and implement continuous
              operations, such as utilizing new technologies      improvement efforts.

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