Page 6 - ETRN 2019 Interim CSR Report test
P. 6

OUR VISION  |  What We Aspire To Be                 OUR CORE VALUES  |  The Principles That
                                                                  Guide Our Behaviors and Decisions
              To be the premier midstream services
              company in North America – providing
              safe, reliable, and innovative infrastructure
              solutions for the energy industry.                  Compliance is just a start.
                                                                  We are committed to responsible operations
                                                                  that will safeguard the environment and
                                                                  protect the health and safety of our employees,
                                                                  contractors, and communities – always.

                                                                  Doing the right thing.
                                                                  We will act ethically and demonstrate
                                                                  accountability for our actions, behaviors, and
                                                                  decisions. If something goes wrong, we will
                                                                  own it and make it right.

              OUR MISSION  |  What We Do and                       Collaboration
              How We Do It
                                                                  A reliable partner inside and out.
              We move the energy that keeps America
                                                                  We will cultivate an inclusive, respectful
              moving . . . providing innovative solutions
                                                                  work environment that values differing
              and reliable energy infrastructure services
                                                                  perspectives and encourages the power of
              in a safe, efficient, and responsible manner.
                                                                  teamwork and accountability.
              We operate with integrity, accountability,
              and transparency to:
              •  Deliver sustained value for our customers        Communication is key.
               and shareholders                                   We will listen and clarify understanding
              •  Provide an engaging workplace for our            before acting. We will communicate openly
               employees                                          with each other – and with our customers,
                                                                  shareholders, and other external stakeholders.
              •  Preserve and protect the environment
              •  Support the communities where we live             Excellence
               and work
                                                                  In all we do and how we do it.
                                                                  We will operate in relentless pursuit of
              Our Core Values shape our ETRN culture
                                                                  flawless execution to produce high-quality
              and support our Vision and Mission – they
                                                                  work and achieve sustainable results.
              are the essence of our identity and provide
                                                                  We will keep our commitments.
              the framework for our conduct, as well as for
              the relationships we have with our customers,
              communities, vendors, and shareholders.

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