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Company Profile

              The Equitrans family consists of two publicly
              traded entities – Equitrans Midstream
              Corporation (ETRN) and EQM Midstream
              Partners, LP (EQM). This report collectively
              represents information, data, and performance
              metrics on behalf of both entities.

              EQM is a growth-oriented limited partnership        As our journey continues, the core
              formed to own, operate, acquire, and develop        drivers of our activities will primarily
              midstream assets in the Appalachian Basin.          involve three aspects of our business:
              As one of the largest gatherers of natural
                                                                  1)  Gathering and transporting natural
              gas in the United States, EQM provides
                                                                     gas supplies from the most prolific
              midstream services to producers, utilities,
                                                                     natural gas basin in North America
              and other customers through its strategically-
              located natural gas transmission, storage,          2)  Increasing access to local, regional,
              and gathering systems, and water services to           and national markets
              support energy development and production           3)  Providing water and other midstream
              in the Marcellus and Utica regions.                    services to producers across the Basin

              ETRN owns the non-economic general                  In a nutshell, ETRN’s principal strategy is to
              partner interest and a majority ownership           leverage its existing and planned growth
              of the limited partner interest in EQM – and        projects and to identify and execute on
              through its investment, ETRN provides               strategically aligned acquisition and joint
              midstream services to multiple third parties        venture opportunities that will expand our
              in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio            footprint across the Appalachian Basin.
              through its three primary assets: the gathering     As we optimize the delivery of natural gas
              system, the transmission and storage system,        to meet the nation’s demand for clean
              and its water services assets. Throughout           energy, we will continue to prioritize our
              this report, ETRN will be used to collectively      commitment to safety and to the enrichment
              represent both ETRN and/or EQM operations,          of the communities where our employees live
              activities, and programs – unless specifically      and work.
              described otherwise.

                             Our success as a Company depends on our ability to
                          operate safely, responsibly, and collaboratively to ensure
                            that all stakeholders will benefit from our activities.

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