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Managing the impacts of our activities – whether related to safety,

                    environmental, governance, or social performance – is an integral part of
                    how we do business. We strive to set operating standards that are consistent

                    with our desire to be a continued and welcome partner in the communities
                    in which we live and operate. Our culture of safety and environmental

                    compliance continues to demonstrate E-Train’s commitment to managing
                    our operations responsibly – because the health and safety of our

                    people and the public will remain our top priority, always.

                    Given that E-Train became an independent company in late 2018,
                    we are producing an “interim” Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR)

                    for 2019 – with plans to develop and deliver a more comprehensive
                    and robust CSR, utilizing Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, in 2020.

                    As the majority of sustainability reporting is based on the prior year-end’s
                    performance data, this timeframe will give E-Train one full-year of operations

                    as a standalone company and ensure more accuracy in our data and
                    performance reporting.

                    We are proud to share with you our interim 2019 CSR, which provides a

                    snapshot review of our safety and environmental stewardship efforts; our
                    governance structure; how we support our communities through direct and

                    indirect economic benefits; and how we work to effectively manage the
                    construction and operation of our many infrastructure projects. Our success

                    as a Company depends on our ability to operate safely, responsibly, and
                    collaboratively to ensure that all stakeholders will benefit from our activities.


                    Diana M. Charletta
                    President and Chief Operating Officer

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