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“what gets measured gets managed;      and what gets managed gets done.”

                    A Message for

                    OUR STAKEHOLDERS

                    On November 13, 2018, Equitrans Midstream Corporation was launched as a

                    powerful independent company with a very bright future – the culmination
                    of EQT Corporation’s upstream and midstream business separation. We have

                    a unique asset position across the prolific Marcellus and Utica shale region
                    and, through our rich 135-year history, our midstream business was built and

                    transformed by capturing opportunities that have achieved tremendous
                    growth. Equitrans Midstream, or E-Train as we like to call it, now emerges

                    with strong fundamentals and – as we work to deliver solutions for our
                    customers and create additional value for our shareholders – our goal is to

                    achieve the scale and scope of a premier, top-tier midstream company.

                    Although E-Train has been operating as a standalone, publicly traded
                    company for only a short time – we have more than a century of responsible

                    natural gas operations experience and we know, understand, and believe
                    in the importance of sustainability reporting. When considering E-Train’s

                    sustainability obligations, we cannot underestimate the effects that our
                    business operations have on the financial stability of our Company, our

                    employees, our shareholders, and the many other stakeholders in the
                    communities in which we operate. In simple terms, sustainability reporting

                    is an organization’s ability to be transparent in its performance metrics . . .

                    because as the saying goes – “what gets measured gets managed; and
                    what gets managed gets done.”

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