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Pipeline Safety & Emergency Preparedness

              Safety is ETRN’s number one priority and
              core value – and we will not compromise
              safety, at any time, to gain a business
              advantage. In keeping with our ZIP-Today
              platform, we know that our commitment
              to safety is paramount – above all else – and
              that execution is not successful unless Zero
              Is Possible. We want to ensure the health
              and safety of the communities in which we
              operate through careful pipeline construction
              and operation; ongoing asset maintenance,
              including pipelines and compressor stations;        Design
              and programs/policies that support crisis
                                                                  •  Comply with local, state, and
              or emergency situations. We also provide
                                                                    federal regulations
              safety awareness education and emergency
                                                                  •  Design facilities consistent with
              response protocols to local emergency
                                                                    industry standards and best practices
              responders and other community members.
                                                                  •  Optimize routes to avoid sensitive areas
              Pipeline Safety
              We believe it is important for our community
              members to understand and know that                 •  Inspect construction activities to verify
              we operate with their safety in mind; and             safe and proper installation measures
              that we have established safety protocols,          •  Test pipelines prior to placing them
              procedures, and processes that we utilize             in- service to certify integrity
              across our operations and routinely
                                                                  •  Examine welds to ensure safety
              update as needed. When it comes to
              protecting communities, the careful design,
              construction, and operation of our pipelines
              and related facilities is essential. During         •  Monitor, control, and analyze natural
              design, construction, and operation of                gas flow 24/7 via our state-of-the-art
              our natural gas pipelines and facilities, we          Gas Control Center
              integrate preventive measures to promote            •  Mitigate corrosion through maintenance
              employee, contractor, and community                   of cathodic protection systems, fluid
              safety. We carefully design and maintain our          sampling, and flow control
              gathering and transportation pipelines – and
                                                                  •  Maintain rights -of -way for aerial patrols
              prioritize public safety and environmental
                                                                    and routine on -site inspections
              protection. In doing so, we meet or exceed
                                                                  •  Sustain comprehensive operating and
              safety standards and practices through:
                                                                    maintenance programs to ensure the
                                                                    integrity of the assets and minimize the
                                                                    potential for third- party damage

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