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Emissions Mitigation

              ETRN strives to protect the environment             We recognize that the transmission of
              and continuously improve our practices in           methane-containing products, such as
              support of responsible pipeline operation           natural gas, is necessary to meet our country’s
              and construction. We carefully monitor              current energy needs; however, it’s important
              our emissions and energy use, as well as            that there is a balance between the
              our operational impact on biodiversity,             increasing market demand for energy sources
              ecosystems, and the air. Our Health, Safety,        and the need to mitigate the impact of GHG
              Security and Environment Policy is being            emissions. As the effects of climate change
              revised to reflect our status as a standalone       on our planet become increasingly apparent,
              midstream company and will be published             we will proactively attempt to mitigate our
              by Q4 2019.                                         GHG emissions by continuing to meet or
                                                                  exceed current regulatory requirements.
              Through its ownership interest in EQM,
              ETRN is in the business of constructing and         Natural gas produces significantly less carbon
              operating pipelines for the transmission of         dioxide compared to other fossil fuels – and
              natural gas, as well as water services assets       when combusted, natural gas releases up to
              used in natural gas production. Methane             50% less CO2 than coal and 20-30% less than
              is the most significant component of the            oil. The benefits of natural gas for methane
              gas that ETRN moves for its customers –             mitigation, versus other fuel sources, are well-
              from the point of extraction, to processing,        established; however, we do not intend to
              and ultimately to business and residential          stop there.
              consumers. Because methane is part of
              the product that we move – and product              ETRN is developing a climate change strategy
              delivery is how we generate revenue – we            that will outline our position on related
              must be accountable and responsible for             regulatory and economic policies. We will
              understanding, assessing, and improving             focus our GHG strategy to address the specific
              our methane management practices. This              factors of our midstream business operations
              is an ongoing effort that is beneficial both        to mitigate, or potentially eliminate, GHG
              environmentally and economically; and as we         emissions to the greatest extent possible.
              strive for continuous improvement, we must          More comprehensive disclosure will be
              analyze current and future potential emission       included in our 2020 CSR, which will utilize
              mitigation practices.                               year-end 2019 data.

              ETRN acknowledges that it is not enough             As we consider our strategy, we are actively
              to achieve regulatory compliance on                 addressing our GHG mitigation efforts. Some
              greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We must             of the actions described below are standard
              seek out and implement best practices – and         practices that are or will be used by ETRN to
              in the face of ongoing climate change – we          mitigate controllable emissions of methane.
              must reduce our carbon footprint to mitigate        When reviewing our potential mitigation
              operational impacts for the sustainability of       practices or projects, the information scope
              our business and our communities.                   will include “controllable” emissions, which

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