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In addition, our Health, Safety, Security and       Contractor Safety
              Environment Policy is being updated and
                                                                  Our safety focus also includes the numerous
              revised to reflect our status as a standalone
                                                                  contract workers who perform work at ETRN
              midstream company and is expected to be
                                                                  – both in the field and in the office. To ensure
              published by Q4 2019.
                                                                  that our job sites remain safe, every company
                                                                  providing contract workers must mirror
              A snapshot of our 2018 year-end Safety
                                                                  our commitment to safety. We expect each
              performance statistics is as follows,
                                                                  contractor, including their subcontractors and
              which is based on employee hours
                                                                  agents, to adhere to ETRN’s relevant policies,
              worked and/or work-related miles driven,
                                                                  as well as to all applicable U.S. laws and
              as of year-end 2018:
                                                                  regulatory requirements related to health,
                                                                  safety, and employment.

                    Employee Total Hours Worked:
                                                                  To prequalify contractors before they obtain
                            1,252,825                             authorization to begin working for us, ETRN
                                                                  relies on ISNETWorld  – an industry
                      Work-related Total Mileage:                 recognized platform for monitoring safety
                           6,445,773                              metrics and performance. The ISNETWorld
                                                                  database provides vital information regarding
                                                                  a contractor’s performance in the following
                 Preventable Vehicle Accidents (PVAs):
                                                                  key areas:
                      A total of 10 incidents, which
                         reflects a rate of 1.55                   •  Safety Management Systems
                    (total accident count / total miles driven)   •  Injury and Illness Statistics

                                                                  •  Department of Transportation (DOT)
                          OSHA Recordables:
                                                                    Inspection Compliance
                  A total of 8 incidents that resulted in
                                                                  •  DOT Motor Carrier Safety Rating
                   injury, which reflects a rate of 1.28
                                                                  •  Written Safety Programs and Safety Training
                       (total incident count X 200,000 /
                            total hours worked)
                                                                  •  Experience Modification Rating
                                                                  •  Fatality History
                       Days Away, Restricted or
                          Transferred (DART):
                                                                  We expect to provide complete contractor
                       A total of 4 counts, which                 safety performance statistics in our 2020
                         reflects a rate of 0.64
                                                                  CSR report.
                        (total DART count X 200,000 /
                            total hours worked)

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